Let's Ensure New Leadership Works for Our Community

Paterson is  a rich and diverse City. Full of life and people of all ethnicities, who deserve leaders that are willing to work hard for all the children of Paterson. Recently our fair city has come under siege. Corrupt politicians have torn the fabric of our community apart leaving the City in crisis. We are divided, in debt, and have a serious opiate problem in the inner City. The community needs the skills to move forward.

Paterson Now is a 501(c)4  not for profit organization designed Educate the community and to shed light on the corruption that has plagued Paterson for far too long. This year we have a unique opportunity bring us together and restore Paterson to it's glory, or find ourselves in the status quo. We need to refuse to sit idly by while a few benefit from the hard work and dedication of the citizens of this great city.

Paterson Now would like to hear your story. Tell us what you would like to see done and how the legislation can make Paterson a more vibrant and hopeful city. We are the Silk City, and we need to create an environment where the children of Paterson can thrive, obtain the best education, and feel safe.



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